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Richard Astrella

Richard Astrella, President of Star Real Estate Group, has been in the real estate business for over twenty-five years with extensive experience in the residential and commercial sales markets. He also specializes in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy dispositions, short sales and foreclosures. Mr. Astrella is a…

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  • Email : Rich@StarRealeStateGroup.net

Marcy Myles-Clark

Marcy Myles-Clark is an Award winning Sales professional with 20+ years of diverse sales experiences including Pharma/Medical and Insurance sales. Marcy has over 7 years of successful Real Estate Sales & Investing experience. Marcy has a passion for helping others to achieve their personal goals…

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  • Email : Marcy@StarRealEstateGroup.net

Cecilia Snyder

Cecilia Snyder has been an enthusiastic real estate agent for the past 5 years. Cecilia serves each client with a professional, creative, and dedicated attitude. She values the ability to help her clients make one of their biggest decisions as enjoyable as possible. She enjoys…

  • Office : (215) 923-7300

Victoria Vasile

As a successful real estate broker, Victoria Vasile approaches each transaction with the utmost professionalism and an unwavering dedication to hard work and attention to detail. She values her client relationships above all else and prides herself on being a devoted ally and a close…

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Ian Perler

Ian Perler, Mr. Philly Real Estate, has taken a different approach to serving his clients real estate needs for over 11 years. Ian has focused on educating and keeping his clients up-to-date on all of the latest real estate information. He truly believes that knowledge…

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