Marcy Myles-Clark

Marcy Myles-Clark is an Award winning Sales professional with 20+ years of diverse sales experiences including Pharma/Medical and Insurance sales. Marcy has over 7 years of successful Real Estate Sales & Investing experience. Marcy has a passion for helping others to achieve their personal goals of buying and selling Real Estate. Marcy is also a native Philadelphian, with a BA in Advertising and Marketing from Temple University, and an MBA from University of Phoenix.

Marcy gained previous notoriety in the Baltimore marketplace for using traditional and non-traditional Real estate strategies, including having a Niche in “As Is Listings.” She has been affectionately dubbed the “As is Wiz”.
She’s been very successful at connecting motivated sellers and investor buyers. Marcy has closed millions of dollars in Real Estate transactions throughout her career. She has also mentored students in the Baltimore Real Estate marketplace, teaching various non-traditional Real Estate Investing strategies (i.e. finding deals, wholesaling, rehabbing, bird-dogging, etc.) in the early 2000’s.

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